The Real Man

I have been wanting to contribute to K’s blog for a long time now and i finally have something to write about. It is a book called ‘The Man’ by Irving Wallace. (No spoilers!)

We were at the lending library and my mom said, “have you read this one?” what i saw was an extremely healthy looking book with tiny print. Not reader friendly. So i hemmed and hawed till she just took it for me and said ” read it, its one of the most beautiful books i have ever read.”

Being the obedient daughter that i am, i duly took it along. I finished all the other books i had taken and then when i got really desperate for something to read, i finally picked this one up. That was all i had to do and my life just stopped. I stopped cleaning. My house was a mess. I stopped cooking. I got hubby dear to buy food from outside. And my two and a half year old was the only one i took time out for (not before i subjected the poor guy to some unparliamentary words which he thankfully couldn’t understand)

The rest of my time, i spent with Douglas Dilman. The unwilling, unelected, strong yet scared, official President of the United States of America. I watched him sit uneasily in his chair at the white house. i watched the people around get more than just uneasy at him being the President. I agonized at all that he was put through and i rejoiced at his very few victories.

What most people would be able to relate to is this : He was extraordinary but he felt less than ordinary. He was far from perfect. Yet, he got his strength from the people he held closest to his heart. His best friend and the woman he loved. Characters that one cannot help but admire. This book is an ode to the fact that people who believe in you can give you the courage to be yourself.

It is also a book which reinforces priorities, redefines generosity and also re-establishes what being human/e is all about. There is the odd situation here and there which might seem a bit contrived but in no way do they take away from the integrity of the book.

Its just one of those books that makes a difference. One which makes you feel that somewhere along the line, you might become a better person, just for having read it.

Spilling the beans…

Alright folks…about time I introduced the flavors to each other!

Since this is a bunch of my most favorite people, the only way I can order the introduction is in alphabetical progression…..and in this post, I am goin to write about only those who have accepted the invitation…theres a bunch of fellow lazy beans who have not yet taken the trouble of registering. Will save them for another morning’s brew.

Constant Displacement

Deepti Pookat. I think the nick kinda sums up Deepti….I first met her as a nerdy cryptographic engineer from MIT (M for Madras), when I was working in Odyssey….the kind that I immediately associated with the ‘first rankish’, ‘always smarterish’, snob girls who gave me a troubled childhood in school. But I was way wrong. This gal did have ciphers for breakfast and semiconductors for lunch, but was still loads of fun and could take half of a litre of vodka for dinner. A confirmed travel addict and the most eligible spinster in bangalore. Packs her backpack every other friday. Deepti, i think it is about time you traded in your Zen for a Scorpio or a life-time Indian railway pass!


Kiran Unni. We had the weirdest of introductions. Met as colleagues in Frost. She was in San Antonio when I joined in Chennai, but we heard so much about each other that by the end of my first 2 months there, we had already become bum pals even before meeting each other. A fellow quizzing addict and the only person I know who has dedicated 30 percent of her lifetime to furniture shopping. A Jazz freak and one of the 2 people I know who has finished reading 80 percent of all books that were ever printed on the planet. She is also the only woman that I have known in flesh and blood, who has taken the stage as a finalist in a ‘Landmark Quiz’ (Swami & friends, 2002).

Not All there

Aaarathi Edward (or whatever it became after she got married). Met as a best friend’s sister and ended up being fellow tribe. It is kinda difficult to slot Aarathi into any one definition as I have known her do 20 billion things…..but all with the same phenominal energy level. Traveller, Photographer, film maker, PR specialist, Event manager, back stager and also a fantastic quizzer (though she doesnt actively quiz). I am sure I have missed atleast 5 more. The kind of person I wouldnt be surprised if I saw inside a space ship 10 years from now.


Rajaram Sankaran. ‘Knowledge Worker’. My first ‘golt’ best friend. It is difficult to separate the quizzer from the person. Another ‘finalist friend’ from ‘Swami and friends’.
A walking talking pharma specialist. The most head-hunted homosapien south of the himalayas. Gets an offer from a company every friday. Can talk shankarabharanam and string theory in alternate breaths. Raja loves his kingfisher as much as I love my RC. May be a dash more. Will take anything said against barley as a personal insult. The best part about Raja is that he has everything figured out in life. I make very few big decisions without his advice. His Highness’s Voice…..On your screen now.

Tinker Bell

Archana Edward Madhavan. Honestly, I think she needs the least introduction to the group. If you dont already know her personally, then you would have heard tonnes about her from me.
She is old now, but in her prime was a legendary head turner and super awesome fun to be around. Infectiously smart and funny, but always a bit spaced out. My main inspiration to read more, she is the other member of the 80 % club. (Inspite of having a bulb nose), Arch has an eye and ear for all things good in life – Tull to Tirumurti. ‘We believe in fairies’ (claps).


Vinu Kurian. The only non-blogging material in the group. I included him simply because there are a very few things I have done sans him. Partner in crime – Literally and figuratively. Machan, I dont think you would have forgotten the Higgin Bothams incident. An absolute cool dude. For many years, we made life’s most crucial decisions together, over omlette and Royal Challenge on his terrace. The only vertebrate I know, who could throw away a Manager’s position in Standard Chartered to start a surgical gloves manufacturing facility in Kottayam and actually make money.

OK….I think I have done justice to the Corona Lager I had with dinner….and hence solved the mystery of the nom de plums. Welcome to our blog….and Please….write anything, everything – but only when you feel like it! 😉

The chicory in the filter coffee

I must say that when it rains it really pours. barely a couple of weeks after I was convinced to start my blog, i get invited to the casting couch ( ;D ) to be part of another! While i recognize the names of some of my fellow ingredients from long hazy conversations with mr.director, the nom de plums of the rest are quite interesting. (Tinkerbell – I think you are the only person apart from my husband who’s read my blog!! thank you. I have a whole other blog entry on the ship that’s gonna wait till Sunday)

So what am I gonna write about here that’s not on my blog? I don’t know! Something I have to work out. But this i know: film reviews will be left to the director. May be he should step up to his role and give us some direction here??!