The chicory in the filter coffee

I must say that when it rains it really pours. barely a couple of weeks after I was convinced to start my blog, i get invited to the casting couch ( ;D ) to be part of another! While i recognize the names of some of my fellow ingredients from long hazy conversations with mr.director, the nom de plums of the rest are quite interesting. (Tinkerbell – I think you are the only person apart from my husband who’s read my blog!! thank you. I have a whole other blog entry on the ship that’s gonna wait till Sunday)

So what am I gonna write about here that’s not on my blog? I don’t know! Something I have to work out. But this i know: film reviews will be left to the director. May be he should step up to his role and give us some direction here??!

9 thoughts on “The chicory in the filter coffee

  1. what is this ship? I read about it in your blog too (BTW, you have more readers than the tinkering fairy)I dont get the ‘drift’. And no biscuits for you – You have a fancier picture in your blog!

  2. hey! since we have a common blog too, google ‘aarathi’. the third link i think goes to my page. choose a pic and i’ll send it to you if you can’t download it! Hope i have earned my biscuits now! ;)As for the ship, it’s the exact replica of a 245 yr old swedish commercial sailing vessel. No motor at all. it’s on a goodwill mission and was here for 10 days. wanted to go see it very badly. but alas!!! so did the whole of madras!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Apparently you had to go at 5 am to get tickets to get on the ship after 1 in the afternoon. and now unfortunately i have a job so i couldn’t go stand for the whole day! so all i got to see was its distant profile off the beach. Revethy once told me she was jelous of me. well, i guess the feeling is mutual now! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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