WTF moments of this week

Read this interesting piece the other day about the academy awards jury. This is scary. You know which part? That a bunch of wheelchaired seniles warmed up to Brokeback Mountain, not long ago! Ah, proves my theory that we always underestimate old people.
Totally enjoyed another interrupted YouTube coverage of an IPL match. This time, slightly more because of the CSK win. However almost fell off my chair the next morning when I read Dada’s comments. I have a question for him: Please explain to me the concept of ‘death bowling’ in a T20 match. With only 20 overs, isnt it more like a ‘Death Match’? Whats next? calling the last ball of the inning a ‘genocide ball’ and that of the match ‘the armageddon’?
And yes, how can you do a WTF segment without Mayawati! Read about the garland-gate yesterday. Cant help thinking it is probably up there among the funniest and the most ironic moments in Indian politics, especially coming after this press release. Ofcourse, the saddest tragedy of it all is that we can never be a caste-free nation, with people like her around. And most dont realize that.
Anyway, while on WTF, did anybody see that really annoying Hero Honda CBZ ad? The one where the guy says ‘Thinking is such a waste of time’? If that doesnt go off air in the next few days, I think India might lose interest in motorcycles altogether. and more people like me would puke during supper. PIL anyone?