Venkatraman Ramakrishnan is a pioneering scientist. Am sure his body of work will someday affect my granddaughter’s protein consumption.

So what is interesting about Venky?
He has a name that is made up of four god’s names (with one receiving unfair advantage of a repetition). A pretty defiant name, me thinks – considering he comes from a city where traditionally all of these 3 gods were despised. In short – a possible vaishnavite from the saivite capital.
Dont dig that trivia? cool. So what else is interesting about Venky?
He left India in 1971. Roughly 6 years before I was born. ‘So what about that?’, I hear you ask. ‘An entire generation of educated, upwardly mobile Indians left the shores in those days’. True.
So what else is interesting about Venky?
He came back to India about 7-8 times (to teach in IISc, charity, etc). Thats coincidental! Thats about the same number of times I have gone to Vegas – for charity, again. Dont trust me? Ask the number of casino workers who got a raise that year, thanks to the money I lost on the poker table.
So what else is interesting about Venky?
‘Dude, he got the nobel’. Remember the award instituted by the guy who invented dynamite? (Yeah yeah, the same guy who refused to institute an award for Mathematics, because his wife ran away with a math teacher). I often wonder how the guy who invented the dynamite can give away an award for peace, but I digress. Lets get back to Venky.
So what about Venky’s nobel?
Nothing. Just that it is weird that the Indian media is celebrating. ‘Why not yaar? he was born in chidambaram, he studied in vadodara and what the heck? he is brown!!!’. OK. ok. ok.
what? what was that? did i hear you call me a jealous bastard? well, may be I am. But I still think it is weird that we are celebrating. Some asshole even had the headline “Venky is India’s pride”.
Fuck you.
The man left India almost 40 years back. He left because there was nothing this country could offer for his development. And he did not come back because he could not do what he wanted to do, here. In other words, he abandoned this place for something better. Dont get me wrong, I think he is a very nice guy and a wise one at that. And ‘smart’, obviously – he got the dynamite prize, remember?
So call him that. Smart, wise and nice. Dont call him India’s pride. Coz this award doesnt tell you what we did. It tells you what we couldnt. And cannot, still.

7 thoughts on “Venky

  1. Absolutely agree. Very true!If he had stayed back in India, we would have trapped him in our worthless system and frustrated him to no end – at the end of his life he would have had no inkling how much he could have achieved.And God knows how many others who with their lofty patriotic ideas decided to stay back and just lived a life of sub-optimal achievement and realization. God knows how much more we could have contributed to the world of science, literature and all the other fields.

  2. @JustPathe: mmm….I would politely disagree with some of those. I dont think staying back = sub-optimal achievement, necessarily. (After all, 'achievement' by itself is a subjective thing isnt it?) I believe you you can certainly kick ass here in many areas. If I did not think so, I wouldnt have come back ;)Dear Wanderlust: Firstly, the name of restaurant we went to is 'High Note'! I had no idea you got high on Orange juice šŸ˜‰ and No. I took revenge for the dessert, by giving the manager a piece of my beautiful mind šŸ˜‰

  3. This does not bother me too much, claiming him as our own because he won the dynamite prize. I do not see why the dynamite prize is less noble because he invented dynamite either. Dynamite is useful, in peace as in war.High Note, you in bangalore then??- Z

  4. Z: Actually, I have nothing against the dynamite or the Nobel and it was a side story anyway. You are lucky the 'claiming' doesnt affect you. It irritates me to no end. Yeah, I moved to B'lore early this year for professional convenience. You from here?

  5. @arch: he did? really? thats sad….but to be fair to the man, a billion and a half new friends out of the blue, must be a tad difficult to digest šŸ˜‰

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