Long live the King

His, was the first tape I ever bought, when I was 10. I was walking around outside my Mom’s office, looking at peddlers and was intrigued by a cassette cover with the word ‘Bad’ on it and the picture of a man with a funny hat.
His ‘Thriller’ was, is and will always be the best album I will ever lay my hands on
He redefined the phrase ‘music video’.
He will always be the most under-rated song writer. He once told Larry king in a show forty years ago, when he was a kid in Jackson 5 -“wont sing it if I dont mean it”.
He was only pop. But probably the only pop ‘name’ that has been/is/will be cool to ‘drop’, be it at a rock gig in Wembley, or on the jazzy Bourbon street in New Orleans, or a hip hop basement in NY. Oh screw it! He was even cool in Thiruvaiyyaru and Shanti Niketan!
He did not re-define ‘pop’ culture. He WAS the pop culture.
And I was looking at the July tickets last night…