10 things you remember about the december season 6 months later!

10. The ‘double decker idli’ – a rage at Mylapore fine arts! they actually cook two idlis fused in the middle with chutney!! (am waiting for Stem cell idlis next!)
9. Kanimozhi sitting in the last row of rickety chairs, listening to a Sudha Ragunathan gig
8. The 12B bus that would announce its presence promptly at 8:30 PM everyday, with a blaring electronic horn that was louder than……everything!
7. The horn on that particular night, which blended so well with a ‘thodi’ flourish of T.M.Krishna, that he had to pause momentarily to chuckle
6. The emergence of T.M.Krishna as the undisputed superstar of the season.
5. The new pocket-sized ready reckoner on krithis and their ragas, which was the most read book in all of Mylapore in December and January
4. T.N. Seshagopalan’s Tamil diction that made proper Tamil ‘keerthanai’s sound like chaste Hebrew
3. The ‘sometimes cocky’, but ‘perennialy indecisive’ mylapore fan, who could not make up his mind on ‘exit’ strategies and invariably would get up to leave in the middle of a rocking ‘thaniyavardhanam’, as though it was channel music!
2. Akkarai Shubalakshmi, who dominated on the violin so much that lead performers were reduced to ‘support vocalists’!
1. Aruna sairam, who continues to belittle U2 in concert showmanship!!