Give me back my shoe

Once, I was stuck in uptown Vegas without a cab and had to hitch my way back to the city. Unfortunately for me, the chap who offered me a ride was a pimp. For the 20 odd minutes that I spent in his ‘bling’ car, I dont think he finished a single sentence without mentioning his ‘bunch’ and how I should give him a call sometime.

I am often reminded of him this month, thanks to this hilarious news channel called CNN IBN. It is about time someone recognized IBN’s efforts in the genres of comic humour and a weird kind of media prostitution. Lemme explain:

In IBN speak, when terrorists attack Mumbai, you have to call it “India’s 9/11” (dd/mm mismatch notwithstanding!)
When the Mumbai police arrests a father for raping his daughter, he has to be referred to as “India’s Josef Fritz”
And when Janrail singh throws a shoe at Chidambaram……you guessed it – “Shoe-gate!!!!!!”
Am not sure if Nixon is gonna turn in his grave for that, but I definitely think this is unfair. Come on….after spending an insane amount on a flat screen TV and a Tata Sky package with ‘news’, the least I deserve is my own personal, national shoe incident! No?

4 thoughts on “Give me back my shoe

  1. Oh Good! Finally a voice! Did you see the looped comment by Priyanka Gandhi? “Main buddi lagti hoon?Main buddi lagti hoon? Main buddi lagti hoon? Main..Main..Main.. MaMaMain..bu..bububu..b…b.b.b..buddi lagti hoon? buddi lagti hoon?buddi lagti hoon?”I got a major crack in the skull slamming my head on the wall after seeing this, and the retort to this, the retort to the retort to this and the retort to the retort to the retort to this…all looping over and over mindlessly.If there is a God, I am sure he is rolling on the heaven floor laughing his ass off over the way this particular species is going about its evolutionary path – and would probably come down to earth to beg the likes of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Ramsene to stop before His stomach explodes!!

  2. I don’t want to get started on this, but both you and pathe are bang on!The other news channels are no better.. Arnab Goswami looking into the camera during 26/11 and saying ‘Arundhati Roy you disgust us’ or Barkha Dutt now having a segment during her hour called ‘what are the blogs saying’ or something to that effect, this after making a blogger apologize publicly to her for disagreeing with the way she covered 26/11..she threatened Chetan with a defamation suit!-Z

  3. Desensitization, sensationalization, entertainmentalism, “West”emulation… Please call another fire engine,.. there is one more person fuming here !

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