K’s film hangover of the week


Yet another Iranian film that proves why cinema will always be more heart than science…

Offside, 2006 – by Jafar Panahi.


7 thoughts on “K’s film hangover of the week

  1. Thanks for the Reco. I’ve been hanging on to this Dvd for too long. Will watch it today. Here is a french film that I liked recently – Michael Haneke’s ‘Cache’. Shyam Benegal’s Trikal is worth a watch too, if you haven’t seen it already- Z

  2. Z: I thought Cache was pretty good too. But then, I would probably say that about anything that has Juliette Binoche in it 😉 And yes, Trikal is a classic. I am actually a big fan of all of Benegal’s work in the late 70s – mid 80s…the likes of Ankur, Nishant, Kalyug, Junoon and ofcourse Bharat Ek Khoj. I think Suraj ka Satwan Ghoda was his last good work.

  3. Though you’ll have to admit she didn’t have much to do in the film. She’s lovely alrite!Daniel Autiel was fantastic.Haven’t watched too much Benegal. Where do you get your movies from?ZPs: haven’t watched Offside yet. Watched Ghatak’s Megha Dakhe Tara and Jayaraj’s Kaliyattam instead:)

  4. Arch: I dont think I have an ‘articulatable’ defense ;(Z: Used to get my films from ‘netflix’ when I was out of the country. In chennai, theres a library called ‘cinema paradiso’.you definitely got the best of Ghatak there with ‘Megha…’. Am not much of a Jayaraj fan, though I think ‘Kaliyattam’ was way better than ‘4 the people’.

  5. Kaliyattam won a national award and that is why I watched it. Haven’t seen other Jayaraj films. Cinema Paradiso has a decent collection. 70mm isn’t bad either. I also get pirated dvds of foreign films from a guy called Jaffar (based out of Chennai), rather unashamedly. What are your views on that, btw?

  6. Z: Jaffar is an old, reliable hand, if we are talking about the same person. you can never kill piracy. the trick will be to find a way to coexist with it. releasing the dvd the week the movie is out of the theatre; adding special features, deleted scenes, etc; these are all helping. I personally dont use pirated, simply because the sound sucks and its pixolated most of the times.

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