Am pretty sure all of us go through that one day in our mid life, when it finally dawns upon you, what an asshole you have been to many people, in your short life….friends, enemies, people who loved you, family and even people who have had absolutely nothing to do with you. Like the time when you gave a big piece of your mind to the call center guy who caught you in the middle of a terrible bad-hair day, or the night when you got unreasonably irate with your girl, for getting overtly emotional about a triviality (to you).

You dont necessarily become a ‘better man’ at the end of that day. You probably feel bad, repent and all that good stuff….but it doesnt change you much….if anything, you only become a bit more cynical towards life…and may be even come up with a list of the top 5 things that you think are highly overrated in life 😉

(in no particular order)

a. humility
b. loyalty
c. job security
d. god
e. Pamela Anderson

8 thoughts on “overrated!

  1. I’d strike Pam off the list..I haven’t contemplated her enough yet.Humility doesnt figure as I believe in a homogenous and isotropic universe of people..Loyalty – That one is right up there! Especially if you are a man.The lesser said about job security and god, the better.So i guess my only crib with you is over Pam. :)- Z

  2. KJ: All said and done, the woman tries…of all the ‘Mammals’ we have around, I dont think anybody else ‘invests’ in themselves as much…you have to give credit where it due…no? ;)Z: I like your concept of ‘humility’…but I dont see a connection between gender and loyalty…nevertheless, good to have you on my side! ;)Arch: 😉

  3. Forgetting exceptions, you don’t think Urban society’s concepts of loyalty/morality are driven by women? (Regardless of how/where those ideas began or how they changed.)I realize that I’m only seeing loyalty through limiting man-woman frames, though…

  4. Z:yes, you are restricting it to only man-woman frames….but even playing along with that, I am still very intrigued that you think these were / are driven by women. In fact, I have always felt a very strong chauvinistic flavor about those concepts.

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