Gaffe Gal!

Just when you were about to hand the crown of the “Empress of Absurdity” to Mamata Bannerjee, Ms. Dixit snatches it away by making the comment of the last two centuries. This is what the Chief Minister of the capital of India has to say about a woman journalist who was shot on her way back from work…”All by herself at 3 am at night in a city where people believe…you know…you should not be so adventurous.” God help us all.


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  1. Hi,The incident is shocking. And the CM’s response is condemnable. This is the age-old technique of trying to question the victim’s judgement when you have failed. My wife and I use it at each other often :-)Even if she did not tell this to the media, she and the police would be sharing the same view in close doors.And coming from a politician, who are known for their foot-in-mouth remarks, it is not surprising to me. Cheers,Salil

  2. I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that most of the times, blaming the victim happens when the victim is a woman. Its just inherent and its not going to change overnight. But, I was surprised that it came from her, if nothing she could have atleast tried to be sensitive.-kj

  3. Salil: totally agree…remember her comments abt ‘immigrants’ in Delhi…But you also got to give it to the woman….Delhi is by far the best metro in the country!MIP: tx ;)Kriths: I agree with the gender bias…how many times have we heard the “what the hell was she doing there all by herself?” statement?….not just in the media, but also in drawing rooms!

  4. Well, for one moment, Lets say the victim was just mugged and not murdered. Now imagine the victim was your daughter, sister, neighbor, cousin. There is a very very good chance you would ask her first what she was doing out at 3 am in the night. I think it is a very different point of view that comes from exasperated concern. Having said that, a CM whose job is to ensure law and order in the city cannot be heard sayingn something like what we heard SD say. The fundamental problem is that we are unable to execute a persona without having our own judgements and personality influences color our perceptions.

  5. Pathe: Machan…interesting perspective….I agree with you mostly..but the scary part is, I actually have sisters, cousins and neighbours working in media, SW and BPOs, who actually come home from work at 3:00 AM…..and no, I dont ask them what they are doing out late….even when they are not mugged!

  6. Hi K,Came across your blog via a friend’s. Enjoyed reading it. Regarding this particular post, all I have to contribute is, no country in the world is safe – for neither woman nor man. Unfortunately, this is what our world has come to. And I don’t even see a solution. Its quite disgusting, and scary, really.Regards,Pal

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