Us and Them

So, the latest World bank estimates are out. If $1.25 is taken as the new poverty line (ie. The amount of money required for a person to take care of his ‘absolutely essential’ needs for one day), then 455 Million people in India are below that.

In other words, 42% of the Indian population is among the Poorest in the World (Africanesque and all). So, the next time someone tells you that India is shining or twinkling or doing somersaults, you can politely ask them to go fuck themselves.


2 thoughts on “Us and Them

  1. By gosh, that is a very depressing thought.I hope with the further rupee depreciation the 42% has not increased further :-)Cheers,Salil

  2. Salil, sorry to be late on the reply….but that turned out for the good apparently….as I write, I think we are doing Rs. 47 to a $ 😉

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