why I cannot stop talking about this….

I dont believe I am actually writing a post, showing off a movie ticket I bought! but its true…scrambled my way to possibly the last two tickets available for this weekend….yeah its 3:00 AM…but hey, what better time to watch “The Dark Knight”?

3 reasons why I cannot wait for the sun to set (and it has barely dawned!):

a. Growing up, vacations and comic books always went together. Thankfully, me and sis had this pretty simple but effective system to split the piles of Amar Chitra Katha and the few DC comics that were around the house – She got to take what she wanted and the leftovers were all mine!!! Thankfully, she was not a massive super hero fan. Small mercies! and for some reason, I was always drawn to the dark, hooded, masked men – Phantom and Batman. I think it was the lack of ‘inevitability’ of those stories, which fascinated me. And ofcourse the Villains!

b. Christian Bale. Easily the most talented actor in Hollywood at the moment. Unfortunately, he is largely unknown for some of his best work, like the ‘Machinist’ for example. It is the most shocking transformation anybody ever went through for a role. Check out his pics below from ‘Machinist’ and ‘Batman Begins’, the two movies he did back to back – in that order.

3. Nolan! I was so intrigued by Memento, that after seeing it, I immediately downloaded the film and tried to re-cut it in the reverse to see how it turned out….but naah, it was too much work ;( …will probably take it up as a post-retirement project!! I digress….the reason I love Nolan is because he is one of the few writers out there who makes his film work mostly by ‘out thinking’ the audience…’The Prestige’ is a fine example. If there is one thing you can be sure of in a Nolan film, it is that you definitely would have had the rug pulled from undernneath, by the time you exit the theatre…..and its probably the only time in life, when its an amazing feeling!


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  1. You do love to enumerate, don’t you?I never liked batman much. i guess i am with your sister on that.how did we both end up speaking of “inevitability” in our blog entries?

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