saturday morning coffee…

….and just when you thought it was a lazy saturday morning, a song comes along, 10 years since you heard it last….and brings along so much…Cat Stevens.


6 thoughts on “saturday morning coffee…

  1. i think anybody who reads him loves him. (I am replying to your comment of course)btw, i have been snooping around too. i know you have made a short film called The River which is being shown at the San Antonio Film Festival. Very fascinating :). Well, my knowledge ends there :(.

  2. Sorry to be super late, folks!Roopa: Thanks 😉 It is the city’s annual film festival…but very small…totally local. So you are in the middle of your trip? Talking of which, you should add San Antonio to your agenda next time….if you are a fan of small towns, mexican food, rivers, scorching sun and corner coffee shops ;)vk & Preethi: I really wish I was smart enough to convey something to the world through a song in my blog!!! As for this one, I was just thrilled that an album I had to pay Rs. 50 to record on a tape when I was in school, is available today for free…with video!!! :(z: memories of a woman? from a song called ‘father and son’???? naah…’love in an elevator’ would have been more like it ;))

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