between hard and a rocky place…

What would you like? a lot of money or very little money?

do you want to be buried or cremated?

Royals or Royal Challengers? (i know!)

how would you rather be tortured? waterboarding or tickets to ‘kabhi kushi kabhi ghum’?

‘SIMPLE DECISIONS’. Are’nt they wonderful? Black & white, easy to make, you will never repent them (like for example, the guy who chose waterboarding), you dont have to discuss it with your friends and best of all, its chop chop! No time wasted.

cut to my life.

“would you like 3 or 2 buttons on your suit?”

“white bread or wheat bread for your sandwich?”

“well…you can either take TTK road and make a right or take RK Salai and make a left. Its the same distance. your call!”

“Cafe mocha or Cafe latte?”

“I have tickets to both Aruna Sairam and U Srinivas. Where do you wanna go?”

Time out. After almost three decades of ‘Deciding Between Equals’, I am officially retiring. It is a thankless job. Seriously.

I have to use all the neurons in my very small brain to weigh two perfectly equal options , do a pointless SWOT analysis, look at the long term vs short term gains, check the ROI and eventually pick ‘A’ over ‘B’ (for really no fault of ‘B’, by the way)….all in 5 seconds and what do I get in return?

K- Mocha
Coffee shop gurl: OK….that’ll be $3.50

K – two
Suit shop guy: OK….you can come for trial in a week

really? ‘OK’ is all you got to say about it? How about a lil appreciation?

“Sir, I know the pain you had to go through….and I think you are a genius”

“two buttons? wow….you just brought down your carbon foot print and saved the earth from global warming”

“you choose Aruna Sairam??….will you marry me?”

Now, THAT will be ‘fair compensation’ or ‘minimum wage’ (depending on how ‘left’ you are). Unfortunately, we live in a thankless society and I just have to pay up, pick up my sandwich and leave – like as though Nothing happened in those few seconds!

5 thoughts on “between hard and a rocky place…

  1. “you choose Aruna Sairam??….will you marry me?” Lol!!and i can the obsession with Kabhi Kushi.. continues!

  2. i ask a lot of such questions myself these days – a heavy or light jacket? two pairs of jeans or three? flip-flops or high heels? two big bags or 4 small ones? valium or xanax???

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