• I hope I will never have to watch another cricket match with Arun Lal’s commentary
  • I hope Vodaphone will be declared bankrupt in my lifetime (They are actually getting away with an online recharge system that does not work!)
  • I hope Karunanidhi lives for another 45 years, stays in power and remains my neighbor, so my apartment never has to worry about security, water or power cuts
  • I hope Rahul Gandhi develops a medical condition that prevents his larynx from working
  • I hope Arjun Singh’s english teacher will spank him hard and make him understand that the word ‘reservation’ is not the synonym of the phrase ‘equal opportunity’
  • I hope watching southpark for 2 hours everyday doesnt mean I am a sicko
  • I hope the trainer at my gym, who was born and brought up in Theni, would talk to me back in Tamil, someday.
  • I hope Arun Lal dies a painful death (“Sourav, quick as he is, could not stop the ball” he said today).

I hope.

11 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. I find arun lal better than a host of guys who are commentators- Rameez Raja, Wasim, Bhogle, Amarnath..His cricket fundae are solid and sounds relaxed even if he does come up with the occasionally moronic sentence..

  2. anonymous: dont be so sure. you need to first zero in on which wife’s house I am talking abt ๐Ÿ˜‰ justpathe: a sequel is in the making ;)anonymous: I think I will give you rameez, wasim and jimmy. However, I think Harsha is one of the better ones…if nothng else, he at least makes interesting insights…the thing I hate about Arun the most is that he is as excitable as a 5th grader!

  3. did you hear harsha during the australia series? and his comments on the sledging? Bah! Sounded like a hurt schoolboy. Slater on the other hand was so refreshing in contrast. Not your stiff upper lip, ‘can we have our gentlemen and players separated please’ kind of old hat. He was having fun, cracking up in the box. In fact, thanks to the banter in the commentary box i think even raeez and wasim are better than harsha. Only jimmy is worse. And this coming from a guy who defines the presentation format for cricket on TV today. And such a fun guy in person. He needs to reinvent himself desperately.Ok i’ve ranted as usual. This is why i’m usually locked up.

  4. anonymous…ranting is good! its actually, fantabulous! ;)yeah, I remember the sledging episode…both Harsha and Sunny were giving it an almost Ekta Kapoor twist!! I too believe Harsha has kinda become jaded lately. However, I think he is still capable of interesting insights…like the science of the seaming ball or the odd trivia or even noticing a change in stance….somehow, Arun does not come across as a knowledge bank of any kind…he kinda states the obvious, most of the times.BTW, whoz your all time fav? my top three would be benaud, chappel and shastri.

  5. Shastri and Chappelli definitely. I even like Imran and Wasim when they are talking bowling. Waiting for Warnie to take to commentary..What do you think the present bunch of Indian seniors will be like at commentary/. Sachin, Dravid, Saurav and Kumble? Fun to speculate about actually..

  6. If watching south park for 2 hrs would make you a sicko, I have many a sicko friends, my friend! :)Oh and about Gopalapuram, I know exactly what you mean. Isn’t it great to have 24 hrs security (and not have to pay for it)? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. anonymous – I have always thought Anil will make a fantastic commentator (in fact, I hope he takes to that pretty soon). Sourav is kinda a dark horse, but am pretty convinced Sachin will be horrible!Miss Iyer – If you live around Gopalapuram, then I think you beat me in Security. I am just the poor neighbor of the third wife in C.I.T Colony ;(

  8. your prayers are ambitious my friend :)…the hardest to realize might be the guy from theni speaking tamil.btw, pups are good gambits too for a wagering game. You just need to play it right ;).

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