Wedding bells

It was the ‘sashtipurthi’ of my parents’ one time neighbour. They lived next to each other during 1974. The only social event I have ever attended in my life, where I did not know anybody else besides the people I chaffeured. Surprisingly, this was not the worst part of that morning. The troupe that played nadaswaram for the day, rendered what was easily the most horrible and the most besur recital of ‘Nagumo’ in the history of mankind.

Surprisingly though, no one seemed to care except me! Reminded me of the time when I DJed for a dear friend’s wedding reception. Very excited with the job description, I chose the most exotic instrumental collection for the night – Ravishankar, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Vanessa Mae, Izhtak Perlman, Bach, yada yada yada……only to be asked the next morning by my friend….”why dint you do anything about the music?????”

So my new hypothesis is that wedding music is the most inaudible genre. It is the only gig where almost nobody in the audience (except jobless chaffeurs) gives a damn about whats being played! In fact, the next time I am asked to DJ at a wedding, I plan to mix ‘Eminem’ with ‘Lalgudi Jayaraman’ and see if anybody notices it…..takers?

While on weddings, I gotta say that its an absolute laugh riot to be 30 and single and meet your relatives after a long time…

K: Hello Uncle, how have you been? long time…
Uncle: why are you like this?
K: huh?…like what?
Uncle: Eppo da kalyanam?
K: oh that….i dont know, uncle….am having the time of my life. So am not sure if I really wanna get married now. So how have you been? whats the real estate scene in chennai?
Uncle: How can we be alright when you are like this?
K: Really, uncle…am doing fantastic…so dont worry….so did you see any movies recently?
Uncle: if you get married at 35, your son will still be in college when you retire!!!
K: jees, mama! this is hilarious. I think we are getting a wee bit ahead of ourselves. I dont even know what I’ll be doing in September ’08….BTW, what do you think of the bangalore Royal Challengers?
Uncle: oh, they are a bunch of test cricketers, I say….not good for T20…
K: Thats exactly what I thought….

god bless IPL!

8 thoughts on “Wedding bells

  1. i distinctly remember being at a wedding where i kept thinking i had heard happier music at a FUNERAL!!! 😉

  2. sundar: that is exactly what I thought…or coming to think of it, why not just world space???arch: I really hope you are not talking about the same wedding!

  3. In fact the best idea ive seen is a mimic artist doing his thing – and all the kids(about 200000 or so of them) sitting in ONE place, staying out of the way of the adult thing and enjoying the show…..ring any bells? “Aval Oru Thodarkadai!! ” Unfortunately, though this idea was put in our heads by K.Balachandar so long ago, havent heard of ONE ‘kannalam’ that’s used it!!

  4. Read through most of your posts today…i was snooping around archana’s blog and the van gogh comment made me curious. enjoyed them. many of them struck a chord…. I felt like agreeing with you all the way.

  5. hahaha good post! filter coffee… hmmmm is it just me or are there many filter coffee’s around in this blogging world? can’t really remember whether i have been to your blog before… i took a long break and kind of forget blogs i used to frequent… but your blog and user name strikes a few chords…

  6. Preethzzz:Your nicks rings a bell too….so probably, this is a filter coffee you have sipped before….in any case, good to have you 😉

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