quick notes from Madras…

  • Mylapore smells the same, but for a whiff of Davidoff in the air
  • Theres traffic jam on mount road at 11:30 PM on a thursday
  • An Apollo “1066” ambulance (siren blaring), for heart related emergencies was stuck with me in the same jam. We both took an hour to go from little mount to guindy. Ironically, their tag line is “every minute counts”.
  • Am definitely having the “1066” episode in my film
  • Aachi masala is presenting “National Treasure – book of secrets” in the city
  • After years of yearning for it, finally made it to a family wedding. Filter kapi, Nadaswaram, the smell of sweat+jasmine+Davidoff+homam+pongal, paati, chiti, gorgeous relatives…..life’s good!
  • The foodworld in city centre has snickers, mars and cigarettes near the checkout counter
  • Have been holding on to Shantaram for a long time, but surprisingly have not crossed page 11. I think I will start Sujata’s “Kanavu Thozhirchalai” instead
  • There is no “comedy central” in dad’s satellite TV plan
  • Went to Akkarai sisters’ violin kacheri. I am now a fan!
  • I think the 100 rupee note is the new 10 rupee note.

4 thoughts on “quick notes from Madras…

  1. i have been reading shantaram for the last three months …and i am not even half way thru the book! ps : Good to have you a LOCAL call away šŸ˜‰

  2. bullet point not-witstanding, its nice to see your thoughts reverberate. BTW, Jon Stewart was great as the Oscar host don’t you think? Also, am waiting for your Jodhaa-Akbar review

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