10 Realities of Moving

#10: You can categorize your things how much ever you want – Clothes, ties, books, CDs, fancier ties, the stuff you bought from the india store but never used, etcetera. However, the sad reality of the 11th hour is that all of ’em go into either of the 2 bags that you plan to travel with. In fact, there are only 2 categories – bag A and bag B.

#9: “A friend with a gift is a friend indeed” (I tried rhyming that, but gave up!), is a myth. After the first beer in a reunion, almost nobody will care.

#8: There are things and there are Things! How much ever objective you are in getting rid of stuff, you are always going to end up with a set that “you can neither sell nor throw away…..nor pack!!!”. Like your bookshelf, your IKEA lamps and your pressure cooker!

#7: When you moved into your apartment, you chose the top floor because you did not want kids running above your head in surround sound? Bad Idea. BAD IDEA!!!

#6: When you were 24, shopping for your friends meant that you hit music stores, duty free shops, game sites and book stores. When you are 30, most of your gift shopping happens in ‘Babies R us’ or ‘Toys R us’. Its scary!

#5: Sell your car first. Shop last. Not the other way round.

#4: That 1955 8mm mechanical film camera that you bought from a remote antique store in Wilmington, might be special….but that issue is between you and the camera. You cannot expect your suitcase to relate to it!

#3: Buying a CD every time you visit the ‘Half price book store’, is not cool anymore. Especially not, if it becomes 20% of your travelling mass. It is about time you started buying music from iTunes.

#2: You cannot afford to be emotionally entangled with your coffee mug.

#1: Packing is work. You are not supposed to be enjoying it!!!

2 thoughts on “10 Realities of Moving

  1. I used to tell you not to do it – especially the ones like buying CDs.. but you never listen to me. Certain things are best realized than getting adviced.. So, there you go.

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