Shut the fuck up!….and while you are at it, get a life!


So an entire court in Bhopal – the judge and all its employees, are going to be paid a day’s salary (at least) for hearing this case…coz this is obviously more important for the nation’s judiciary than the 15000 cases in the backlog on murder, rape and robbery.

The girl is 21…..and the first woman in generations of billions to be ranked significantly in world tennis….and this is the best you could do as a sports photographer? having her sort out judicial volleys in addition to Venus’s and Maria’s?

This is so ridiculous that it makes a Lindsay Lohan drunken driving case an epic court battle of global implications, in comparison.

In my opinion, if anybody has to be sued for insulting the flag in this picture, it is the darned photographer for choosing this angle for the object in the foreground…..

Reductio ad absurdum!


A bunch of die-hard patriots burnt the effigies of Mark Benson and Bucknor, last week….The two men responsible for all the injustice that life has thrown their and their families’ way. The two men standing between mankind and world peace.

My theory: Lack of good sex is inducing a chemical imbalance in these perfectly normal looking men, which is making them indulge in this stupidity. I cant come up with a better explanation for why a man will spend a fine monday afternoon, burning straw!! Patriotism, my foot.

The only thing crazier than this is CNN IBN coming up with a novel initiative to show their support for the sons of the soil, by launching an online petition for revoking the ban on Harbhajan…seriously? Do they even realize what a ‘hearing’ means? Isnt it ridiculous to demand a specific outcome from a judicial exercise? Should they not be asking just for a ‘fair hearing’??? well….I guess thats about as much as you can expect from news channels that have a ‘background score’ for news….

But the biggest joke of them all is yet to come….

“Indians drink buffalo milk but worship the white cow. They do not worship the buffalo because its black.”

Quote attributed to: Mahoshay ‘Kancha Iliah’
His claim to fame: A book titled ‘Buffalo Nationalism’ (which I dont look forward to reading)
Event in question: ‘Are we racist?’ – a supposed introspection into the nation’s psyche from CNN IBN, post the monkey fiasco down under.

Really, I respect CNN IBN more than any of the other news channels (DD not included)…..but this one beats even the Navjot Sidhu comedy going on for the last 2 weeks….This is actually so funny, I am not even angry!


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  1. Kancha Ilaiah is a big joker… one of the biggest this country has probably seen. You should get talking with my dad about stuff like this… and yeah… people tend to have sooooooo much time…

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