The K Awards…

ok….am a bit jobless right now…..but hey, almost everybody else is doing it….’Of the Year’ awards seem to be the best thing that man can do in December….I refuse to be left behind!

The 2007 K award for the real ‘weapon of mass destruction’

With the exception of suicide bombers and ‘philishave’ users, every other man I know is willing to put a couple of blades more to his face, once every 6 months…just because gillette says so….from 2 to 3 to 5 to ‘i have lost count’…..and did i mention, paying a fortune more every time?….but damn, they are good!

The 2007 K award for the ‘Rapidest of Rapids’

The Chennai MRTS project started when I was 8….I am 30 now…it is still ‘a work in progress’….this work horse has successfully weathered through 7 wars….4 recessions….25 Rajini films….countless prime ministers….an entire highway connecting the 4 corners of the country and 2 other transit projects…..a lil birdie tells me the Delhi Metro project took only 4 years to complete…what a loser! Thats almost a premature ejaculation!! Go Chennai!

The 2007 ‘This film makes me want to go to the restroom and stay there for 2 hours’ award

The sweetest half bake of 2007…

I think child actors, when they are good, come off really stunning on screen….be it Shamli in ‘Anjali’….Anna Paquin in ‘Piano’…the kid in ‘sixth sense’….or Darsheel in ‘Taare’….something mesmerizing happens, when real innocence and real talent mix….something that will never be possible for an adult to pull off, ever.

During Taare, you never get enough of Darsheel, in spite of him being in almost every frame…his performance seems so genuine, that it is difficult to believe he would have just repeated what was enacted to him.

The song montages are an absolute treat….especially the one where Ishaan has his day out on the road…wow!…I think it is these montages that make a rather simplistic film flow over 3 hours, without boring you – most of the time! Actually, coming to think of it….the film must have only 3-4 pages of dialogue….because i cant remember a stretch longer than 5 minutes, without a song…

if only aamir had not lip synced to that intermission song! ;(

if only the mother character was not mutilated half way though the film ;( and the father’s, murdered!!!

if only the flip book was not flipped 7 times….

if only aamir’s (girl)friend had something to do in the film….

if only the teacher did not ask for poetry interpretation from third graders….

but hey….the film has so many things going for it, that it almost gets made up for – almost!

the special effects of the kid’s hallucinations are especially slick

prasoon joshi’s lyrics for the ‘ma’ song are bound to haunt you for years to come

aamir’s framing throughout the film is that of a seasoned pro…not a first time director!

SLE’s music is lovable – once again……this is one of those films that u will love instantly if u r a ‘buy cd before seeing the film’ person….

even if none of these work for you, a pair of bunny teeth is sure to keep you tied to the seat – most of the time 😉

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