Lilith Fare…

My doctor’s office probably has the most intriguing decor ever. Grey walls plastered with fading old world maps!!! Probably because everybody there is dying for a vacation…or probably fantasizing about it ūüėČ Since I’ am finished with all the magazines they have, my newest activity to kill time there is memorizing countries and capitals! i think the last time I did that was for a GK test in class 5….

Anyway, point is….I discovered ‘The Federated States of Micronesia’ – on the map! I had no idea such a place existed…dont even remember seeing them in the Olympics!!!!….a group of islands somewhere above fiji and they are apparently ‘federated’ because they got independence from the US in the eighties….I dint know ‘independence’ was still en vogue in the ’80’s…;)

While on geography…theres something else I wanna pen down before forgetting….last night, the History channel ran this film on the search for the ‘Garden of Eden’….a hunt for the actual location, based on the account in ‘Genesis’….and the winner is!!!!!!!!…..Iran or Venezuela!….wonder what Dubya thinks of that….and hey, if he decides to invade either in the next few months he has, he at least has a sexier pretext than WMD. What fun!

etymology….never heard of this version before….whats the origin of ‘Lullaby’?……apparently, “Lilith Abi”…..Lilith – Adam’s first wife eventually became a child stealing demon after she left him – according to The Book… neo-lithic mothers used to scratch the words ‘Lilith Abi’ (meaning ‘Lilith be gone’) on house doors, to keep her off their children….hmmm….so it had nothing to do with ‘Saawariya’….apparently.

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  1. Connecting polynesian islands to film making, have you ever seen the movie “Tuvalu”? Based on the homonymous island (but a relatively unrelated story), this is one of the most refreshing movies i’ve seen in a long time. Quirky, timeless, and fascinating film-making. Highly recommended.

  2. Miki: ‘Tuvalu’ is in my queue. Reaching San Antonio on 7th Night. How does a ‘River’ wrap party the same night sound?Not all there: Glad to see you are alive and kickin ūüėČ Yeah, it seems like a rather stupid comment when you take off the ‘humor’ glasses. And yeah….sure, plenty going on closer home…Telangana and Sri Lanka are even closer than Kashmir…

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