from the ‘doctors’ collection

when the doctor said that I cant afford to move out of my bed for 6 weeks, the first thing that came to my mind was that I need enough music. Loaded up my iPod with all the 27.3 gigs of music that I had. Apparently, I over prepared. Have been playing this 2 minute track in a loop for an entire week now. Long live doctors. I figured its part of ‘Lord of the Dance’, but does anyone know whose composition this is?


4 thoughts on “from the ‘doctors’ collection

  1. Composition by an Irish chap called Ronan Hardiman in association (i think) with the chap who composed for Flatley’s starmaking vehicle Riverdance. The Gypsy Kings did an instrumental version.- Z

  2. no wonder they call the track the ‘irish dance’, then…..thanks a ton, Z….jees, cant help thinking you will be a force to reckon with at the ‘Landmark Quiz’….ever heard of that?

  3. Yes have heard a couple of people mention the Landmark quiz. I’m not a quizzer of any kind though. Have never gone looking for information for the sake of it, as it takes up space in my already low performance brain 🙂 glad to help once in a while though. Cheers

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