It is now official….

Yes. I have registered the domain

I believe this is the best $1.99 or Rs. 79 buy of my life (Thanks to yahoo for the 7 day offer). It is weird, but I am having a feeling of overwhelming pride. I think I have done my bit for Tamil, the motion picture industry and may be even for global warming, to a certain extent.

It has been coming for a long time. Over a decade, actually. However, the ‘sahana’ song did it. I could not take it any more after that.

The site is under construction. Please send me ideas. One thought I had was to train thousands of commandos / special task forces and let them torture him to death the next time they see him anywhere in Chennai. Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “It is now official….

  1. LOL!!! I totally concur. The man is amazing when he sings in his native language Hindi, but not Tamil. That’s a BIG no!

  2. Oh he sings funny in Telugu and Malayalam too.. But I think its pretty good. How far can one go only imitating SPB in Hindi, for kicks?- Z

  3. absolutely…that used to be pretty funny too…but lately, i have kinda gotten used to Salman having a tamil accent 😉

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