Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

I have never left a theatre 12 minutes into a film, especially after paying $8 for the ticket. I did, last saturday – dumped JBJ after it barely began and sneeked up in time for Cheeni Kum. Probably the swiftest and the bestest decision I would make in my time.

If you have not watched it already, lemme give you an idea. 80s porn. The idea pretty much is that there will be a frame, two actors will walk into it and mouth their lines, a music track will be playing in the background, it need not necessarily have anything to do with the situation on screen (kenny G works best), and then there will be wild sex.

Now, replace the sex with a song and dance routine, make the frame look good (shoot abroad, use a brilliant cameraman, etc) and voila! – you have a Yash Raj Production.

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