the web is more fun since last night….for sometime atleast

While sifting through the name throwings for the next president and ‘opting outs’ of the ‘Somanth ji’s and ‘Atalji’s (who by the way is my personal favourite to succeed Dr. Kalam), I landed up on what seems to be the president’s blog! Now, I am an occassional visitor, but I am convinced this is a first…It does not seem amazingly interactive, but I can see a very detailed feedback page and all….it even has the powerpoint presentations that he made at different events…besides pictures of his herbal garden!!!

am just super excited bout this! so please bear with me if this is old news for anybody! It is not just the fact that the president has an ‘e’ existence….thats something you would expect today….but it is the care and effort that has gone into making it….the pics are not too heavy to download….the color scheme is not gawdy….the design is very tasteful….the content is staggering in volume and quality….many firsts there…;))

another reason why the web became more fun since last night is prem panicker’s blog….or portal, or whatever you wanna call it…..for those to whom the name does not ring a bell, prem is the face of cricket journalism on the internet, for many mortals like me…lately, he has become editor (or something like that) of India Abroad – Rediff’s NRI weekly and all that…..but there is nothing NRI about his writing….take a look even if my intro does not sound interesting…