Giving in to the temptation….

OK….it has been in my mind for long….and I guess it was eventually bound to happen….especially with an elite crowd like this….Lets Quiz! wow….it has been 10,000 years since I did that!

anyway…cutting to the chase….the funda is that we would resist googling until we cannot take it anymore….I will keep the scoreboard ticking….and the eventual winner will get the most coveted prizes of all….applause and my unending love!

opening bells…

1. Connect: ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ‘Monsoon Wedding’

2. Her maiden name is Watson. This comic character first appeared in vol#15 of the series, but was virtually an ‘unseen’ character until volume #42. In all her other appearances inbetween, the artist made sure that her face was always obscured.

3. Connect: Branson of Virgin Atlantic, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, John Carmack – the creator of Quake and Doom, Jim Benson – founder of the first ever search engine Compusearch, Paypal founder Elon Musk and Robert Bigelow – founder of ‘Budget Suites of America’.


9 thoughts on “Giving in to the temptation….

  1. Music. the first one has somehting to do with music.AAHHHH!!! this is horrible. now i can’t get any work done till i get the answers. I’m sure the 1st one was wrong also!!!

  2. I’m no quizzer and am assuming this is beginner’s luck. 1. Mychael Danna scored the music of both films. Also Vanity Fair. 2. Mary Jane Watson of Peter Parker fascination fame3. Answer from the last commenter. – Z

  3. Michael Danna – MusicMary Jane WatsonSpace Tourism pioneers (each of them are actually in the process of testing their own ‘taxi designs’. Seems like Branson will be the first off the block. They are talking late 2008….wow!)Not all there gets the worm and also Mary Jane. So 1. Was very tempted to give .5 for ‘something to do with music’.Raja gets space tourism right. I would have suspected a cosmic aberration if he got a business quiz funda wrong.Am not crediting X with anything until he/she gets introduced to the groupvinu gets all our love.

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