Chick Flicks et al

Been the most relaxing weekend in a long time. Spent most of it at home….surprisingly, havent done that in a long time bcause of the moving and then friends and family coming over, etc. Saw Guru finally and also managed to catch 2 other films on TV – both of which I have seen atleast 5 times. ‘Titanic’ and ‘Goodwill Hunting’. While the latter has been a personal favorite for a long time just for the way it has been written (matt damon/ ben affleck co-wrote it), I got the feeling that Titanic has been a critically under-rated film unfortunately.

Many of my friends slot it into the infamous ‘chick flick’ pigeon hole. I guess that is justified as a genre for this film. However, as I saw it today for the millionth time, I could see once again how smartly written that film is. Agreed, Di caprio mouths some very trite cliches, which sometimes border on the mundane…..but that doesnt really break the spell all that much….I think cameron has done a fantastic job of crafting this film with the greatest common denominator, so a majority of homosapiens can relate to it.

Guru was as expected, very good. I think it is the closest Mani has come to ‘engrossing’ cinema that is both believable and entertaining at the same time. Am thinking…if it takes someone like Mani roughly 2 decades to hone his skills to this level….what about shaky-kneed part-timers like me? Time is running out, I guess….I might see it again just for Mithun!

By the way….bought a new couch through craigslist. This website continues to freak me out. I wonder how popular it is back home. I see a packed page when I go to have attached the couch image. I think it might have broken the record for the largest piece of furniture I have bought in my lifetime. All of 8 feet long and 3 feet tall


3 thoughts on “Chick Flicks et al

  1. Machan,Congrats on your new casting couch…u beat Tatas in mega acquisitions, in terms of time…looks awesome..and looks like it can accomodate someone of my girth too…I have been thinking of a post for Filter Coffee and something is cooking…will serve it out once it takes shape and taste…..BTW, how about a quick round of intro of fellow bloggers on Filter Coffee…offline, say…can make out the one & only Kiru…but, with Nom De Plumes, I am not able to identify others…no prequals…just to get to know…

  2. Have only seen Titanic among the 3 movies you listed… Guru saw mixed reviews here and I haven’t been to watch it yet. Goodwill hunting is on my list of “to watch”… have somehow spent the last 3.5 years sans movies… very few and far between… got hold of a good DVD rental here and am making up for all the lost time.

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