After years of hating it…

Blogs. Joblessness. Pointlessness.

I hope I got those spellings right. Anyway, thats what I thought all along and to be honest with you, I still suspect it is true. However, that notwithstanding….I am trying this out. All of a sudden, it seems to have ‘fun’ potential. I just turned 29. Considering the life expectancy for the average Indian male is 60 something….this could be a mid-life crisis.

Anyway….trying as I am, I dont want this to be a monologue. I think it will be fun to keep this as a common scrap book… a rental car….a ‘1 by 2’ tea….a shared apartment….the local pub….a laundromat…. carpool….a public toilet….ok that doesnt sound good….lets stick to rental car. So please post anything and everything on it. I am also going to invite multiple groups of friends….so hopefully, it’ll be a peacefully co-existing and interesting motley crue. In the next few days, I am going to check if this will be possible… in, if all of us can post and comment at the same blog, at the same time. Please bear with me during this and keep giving me your feedback….

If this doesnt work……well, theres always ‘e-mail’. 😉



3 thoughts on “After years of hating it…

  1. ok, stop that about the mid-life crisis thingy or i’ll hold you solely responsible for my ‘imaginary’ wrinkles. Anyways good way to start, its a different you in writing as opposed to the K I am really getting used to verbally fighting with.

  2. Machan,This can’t be true, eh? Sounds so surreal…but then, great minds think alike and at the same time too? ;-)Tell you what….black is the all encompassing color and I associate that with creativity….and you have christened it well too…needless to say anything about the formats & style…great film-makers & directors have their signatures, right?But, what steals the thunder is the multi-author thing…terrific idea…it actually obviates the need for my blog..assuming of course that you would invite me to be part of it…and if you do so, well..I have 2 blogs instead of one…..I still feel there is no substitute to the RC & GRT…but, till that happens, we can & should make do with blogs…Cheers!!!

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